We couldn’t get off the beaten path without them

Mountain porters are an integral part of each Peru Andes Discovery trekking or mountaineering adventure. Getting our travellers off the beaten path means that we use the self-sufficiency of camping, a style of trekking that is enabled by mountain porters. On a trek or climb, the entire group – travellers, guides and porters alike – are a team who share the same needs for safety in the mountain environment.
Our Porter Welfare Code of Conduct ensures safe working conditions for the mountain porters we employ in Peru.

In Peru, the mountain porters we employ receive:

  • The same access to medical service as clients.
  • Three meals per day based on a menu requested specifically by the porters as well as gas stoves for all cooking.
  • Access to interest-free long-term loans from us, provided they can clearly indicate how the funds will be used.
  • Basic life and accident insurance.
  • Full coverage of any medical costs incurred, regardless of if it is work related, to any porter or member of their family.
  • Transport (private busses and trains) to and from the trek.
  • Sleeping tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags (if requested), footwear (shoes or boots), warm jackets and rain gear.
  • Yearly meetings to discuss any other needs porters may have and areas they feel improvements are possible.
  • Additionally, we are one of the twenty companies (among almost 500) that pay the highest wages to porters.

All our porters are Quechua language speakers who come from farming villages where they take advantage of the seasons to grow their crops. PAD helps them in many ways to keep growing their community- especially in education, health and culture. We will have different ongoing projects and hope to add many more.