Overview Of Our Travel Services

  • Save time and let us do it all for you by using our personalized itinerary service.
  • We work around your requirements, not ours!
  • You can be on a budget or looking for a luxury trip.
  • Non-obligatory personalized itinerary sent directly to you with pricing.

How It Works?

  • Tell us when you are travelling and how many persons you are travelling with.
  • Tell us if you prefer private – just you and your travel partner(s) – or group services (other people not in your group) OR you can have a mixture of both.
  • Tell us your hotel range: $ budget, $$ moderate or $$$ luxury.
  • Tell us your areas of interest in Peru; Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, etc.
  • Tell us if you want your internal flights booked?
  • We will then email you a non-obligatory email with recommendations and prices for the full package.